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Options Trading Strategy Using Order Flow Analysis By Vishal Kumbar

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Get your free ebook to help you realize the true power of learning and understanding the stock market using the concepts of order flow analysis.

Signature Strategy

Learn to analyze and take decisions in stock market by understanding order flow analysis using my Signature Strategy.

Determine Buying & Selling Volume

How to determine the Big Buyers & Big Selling volume in the stock market which majorly affects the decisions & outcomes.

Learn Profit mindset

The mindset of winner will take it all, it holds true for the stock market as well. Understand what it takes to have a profit booking mindset

Learn Risk Appetite

Learn what is risk appetite & how to determine and manage it. Why it is significant in the market.

Avoid Emotional Decision Making

Learn to take control of your emotions they are more responsible to take you from high's to low's than market.

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This course will walk you through the new learning vertical which has been untapped by many to understand the stock market in a better and easy way of using Order Flow Analysis, where in you will understand about taking the decisions in the market using the live market buy orders or sell orders.

We have been living in a condition where the market has been changing very rapidly with the current dynamic conditions and to adapt to that change people need to approach the stock market with a dynamic approach of learning if they wish to understand and become better sound in it.

Using this method you will be able to analyze and identify the true breakouts and false breakouts in the market to take better decisions.

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The course is designed, developed & curated for anyone who has a keen interest in learning and understanding the stock market trading with a new advanced & improvised perspective of order flow analysis.

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one of my Mentorship Students

Sudhakar N who was novice trader now after my completing all the courses & my mentorship program took his capital of 23k to 170k in 18 days

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I Am Vishal Kumbar

A Pro-Trader & Mentor On A Mission To Help People Succeed In Stock Market, I Have Conducted Over 100+ Stock Market Events, Mentored 4000+ People & Delivered Masterclass To Over 55000+ People.

I have mentored over 4000+ people and helped them become sound in the stock market by understanding the concepts using order flow analysis which helps them give a deep insight into the market during live markets.

I have hosted over 60000+ members in my stock market masterclass & hosted over 100+ life events to help people realize the power of understanding order flow analysis. With over 80% of my mentorship students making profits of over 1 lakh within 30-60 days.

With over 11 + Years of experience in the stock market, learning, understanding, failing, trying & testing new strategies over the duration of extensive 7+ years, I realized how helpless people were at learning the stock market using the same old school method while missing out big on concepts of order flow analysis.

This led me to form a vision of helping people learn and understand the stock market, with the market changing dynamically the approach towards decision making in the stock market must also be dynamic this brings in the concept of order flow which involves decision making during the live market.

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