A Signature Trading Strategy
By Vishal Kumbar

Order Flow Analysis 

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Order Flow Analysis Demystified

How To
Make Consistent Money In Trading?

1. Vishal's Signature Strategy to Make Consistent Money In Nifty, Bank Nifty & Stocks

2. Order Flow Analysis to track Big Buying & Big Selling during Live Markets

3. When To Trade & When Not To Trade.

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Order Flow Analysis is Study of Live
(Real Time) Market Orders.

Market Buy Orders and Market Sell Orders.

Executed Orders.

Order Flow Analysis helps us know about Presence of Big Buyers and Small Buyers.

Order Flow Analysis helps us know about Presence of Big Sellers and Small Sellers. .

Price goes up when the buyers are bigger than sellers.

Price goes down when sellers are bigger than buyers.

Difference between Limit Order and Market Order.

True Breakout
(Price going above Resistance) = Big Buyers

True Breakdown
(Price going below Support) = Big Sellers

False Breakout = Small Buyers

False Breakdown = Small Sellers

Market Buy Orders = Aggressive Buyers (AB)

Market Sell Orders = Aggressive Sellers (AS)

Delta = AB-AS

If Delta is Positive Number,
then Buyers are Stronger.

If Delta is Negative Number,
then Sellers are Stronger.

For Banknifty Delta has to be
+ 40K(Buying) and -40K(Selling)

For Nifty Delta has to be
+100K(Buying) and -100K(Selling)

For Stocks Delta has to be
+200K(Buying) and -200K(Selling)

Signature Strategy

1. Find Trending Stock (UP or Down) on Day Time Frame

2. Time to take the Trade....
Find a bullish candle on 5 Minutes

Sell Below the low of bullish candle

Keep SL above the Bullish Candle

Signature Strategy

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